What nobody tells you about having a baby

You've taken Infant 101, painted and stocked the nursery, and written a detailed Birth Plan - but what about life after the birth? In Postpartum Prep, we will get real about the physical, emotional, and relational changes that happen when you welcome a new baby into your life.

In this one-time workshop, you will learn:

  • What to really expect during the first 6 weeks postpartum
  • The major ways your life changes with a new baby
  • How to take care of your physical and emotional needs
  • How to work as a team and stay connected as a couple
  • The signs of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and what to do if you have them
Crying Infant

Post-Birth Plan

Each couple will develop a written individualized Post-Birth plan to ease the transition to new parenthood. The plan includes prompts and specific strategies to plan for postpartum self-care, dividing household chores, gathering social support, staying connected as a couple, and more.

To allow for time to complete the activities in the Post-Birth plan and put the strategies into practice, it is recommended that this workshop be taken at least 8 weeks prior to your expected due date.

Why take this class

Having a baby is an enormous life adjustment, but few maternity classes cover the postpartum period. Knowing what to expect and planning for these challenges can prevent burnout from physical recovery, sleep deprivation, and infant care. Additionally, having resources available can reduce the risk of postpartum depression and anxiety from developing or worsening.

Meet Nicole

Postpartum Prep is presented by Nicole Viscusi, LMHC, PMH-C. Nicole is a psychotherapist at Pinnacle Behavioral Health specializing in maternal mental health and has received certification in Perinatal Mental Health from Postpartum Support International.

She draws from this advanced training and her own experiences as a mother to support women and their partners through the adjustment to parenthood. This workshop was created due to what Nicole saw as a growing need for women embarking on their journey to motherhood to have clear information on what is normal during the postpartum period and how to get help quickly when they are in distress. It is her passion to help new mothers avoid the despair of wondering, "Why didn't anyone tell me?" and feel as prepared as possible to welcome a baby into their life and remain well in the process.

More About Nicole

Upcoming Dates

All dates are on a Thursday 5:30 - 8:00PM

  • 10/3/19 - Last class of 2019!
  • 2020 Dates TBD. Check here or facebook.com/planforpostpartum for updates!


  • $65 per individual or couple, due at time of registration
  • Call (518) 689-0244, ext. 19

Class Location
Pinnacle Behavioral Health, IPA, LLC
TMS Group Room, Suite 203
1 Pinnacle Place
Albany, NY 12203